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Greetings and warm salutations!  Please allow me to introduce myself to you.  My name is Evette Muschett, I am a Designer who specializes in creating One- of-a-Kind Keepsake Boxes and Gift Baskets for every occasion. 

After retiring, I found myself yet buzzing with creative energy.  Thankfully, my Mother, Ruby offered me some challenging advice, “Create a business doing something that you’re good at and stick with it.”  With the support of Beres, my wonderful Husband and Super Drone and the encouragement a dear friend Netta, RUbee Creations was birthed.  

Each Keepsake Box is filled with unique gifts which specifically address the recipient and the occasion.  The Baskets are loaded with sweet, thoughtful and unique gifts as well.  I count it a blessing to be gifted with compassion, the ability to connect, inspire, uplift, and console through the unique keepsake boxes and gift baskets that I create.  
Let RUbee serve the sweet nectar of condolence during the loss of a loved one or the Royal Jelly to welcome a New Arrival, to offer Encouragement when despair is near, or send a basket of cheerful well wishes.  Whatever the occasion, sending a RUbee Creation will brighten any day.  

It has been such a rewarding experience to create the sweet honey life of the RUbee.  Contact me today and let’s create something unique and beautiful for you.

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